Adult Muay Thai (ages 13+)

Thai Boxing teaches the student or fighter to use their eight most effective/natural weapons: 2 fists, 2 knees, 2 elbows and 2 shins.

Thai boxing has been proven in real situations as one the most functional striking arts.

Students use Thai Boxing to get in shape and burn off stress while simultaneously learning how to defend themselves. Muay Thai (Thai boxing) is the national sport of Thailand, as Football and Baseball is to us here in the United States.

Muay Thai is even a requirement in grade school in Thailand. While safe and fun to practice, Muay Thai is considered the most devastating striking martial art in the world.

Benefits of Training Muay Thai

Burn Calories & Fat
Increase Cardio Vascular Health
 Increase Hand-Eye Coordination
Develop Strength, Speed & Flexibility
Amazing Stress Reduction

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