Professor Jeff Curran standing alongside Master Pedro Sauer

First Class Martial Arts Instruction

The choice to be a part of Team Curran is a choice to join a distinguished, time honored martial arts academy that is not only rich in tradition but also lends itself to be on the forefront of the always changing and evolving world of martial arts. Since 1997 when Mr. Jeff Curran opened his first school, himself and his staff have been committed to providing students with the most practical and effective martial arts skills, rooted in the principles of ethical and moral development.

Professor Jeff Curran
Professor Jeff Curran


Jeff Curran is the founder of the Curran Jiu-Jitsu Academy and has a competitive history that spans over 27 years and counting.  Professor Curran has devoted his life to the martial arts and has managed to build a world recognized team as well as becoming one of the worlds top ranked righters in the world during his career.

He and his Staff have stayed the course to develop and brand their programs to be sought out and recognized inside the community and around the globe.  Mr. Curran is currently holding the rank of 4th Degree Black Belt under the legendary Master Pedro Sauer.  Jeff Curran and his staff continue to lead the way and are dedicated to helping each student reach their best potential on and off the mat!

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We take pride in our motto, “Passion…Persistence…Perfection!”

As Jeff Curran always says, it takes Passion for something challenging in life in order to be Persistent towards your goals of being Perfect in what you do. At Team Curran we are Passionate towards what we do and what we have built and we are Persistent in our efforts to help ourselves and our students strive for Perfection in the martial arts.

“The hardest part about starting training in any martial art is that first step
through the academy door”
– Jeff Curran