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Kids Martial Arts Classes in Crystal Lake, IL

Dear Parents,

Thank you for your interest in our martial arts programs for your child.

I would like to let you know personally that whatever it is you are looking to gain out of enrolling your child into martial arts, we have what you are looking for. When shopping for a program that involves our children, we as parents need to consider so many things prior to making an investment into our child’s future.

Here are a few questions to consider while doing research on your local martial arts schools.

Does the staff member running the class truly care about the well being of your child?
Is the facility a child friendly, clean and safe environment?
Do the staff and instructors treat you with professionalism and respect?
How long have they been teaching children?
Are you offered a chance to view a class and let your child take an introductory class?

When you ask these questions, you will rule out the majority of the part-time operated, fly by night type martial arts schools. By reading through the program descriptions below, we hope we can encourage you to visit our facility and take the next step towards empowering your child through high level, martial arts programs.

Thank You,

Jeff Curran
President/Head Instructor

* Our kids classes include Kids BJJ, Total Defense and Lil Champs.